I’m not going to lie to you, I LOVE documenting weddings. Okay, okay… I know it sounds cliche and corny, but as a hopeless romantic who wears her heart on her sleeve, there’s not a single wedding that doesn’t give me the butterflies. But enough about me, this is about your wedding day. My number one mission, above all else, is to make sure that you and your wedding party have fun. This is a day that you’ll remember for the rest of your lives (and some might even say might be the party of the year)! My role on the day is distinctly about teeing up those special moments so that you won’t stress and everything flows smoothly; I’ll help to organise and coordinate your friends and family, make sure all of the things you’ve requested are seen through, give you bits of advice on how to pose and what happens nexts – all with a camera in hand to capture every special moment.


What if the weather is bad?

I’ll work closely with your wedding planner and venue to make sure that special measures are taken for extreme weather conditions. In the Australian summer, this sometimes means torrential rain or in winter, windy conditions. But don’t worry! All vendors in the wedding industry have special tricks up their sleeves to make everything run as smoothly as possible!

Will you retouch or edit my photos in detail?

My photography packages offer basic colour correction and retouching. I am a big promoter of self love, and encourage all of my subjects to embrace the little things that make them so unique. What this means, is that I am happy to adjust any minor bruises, blemishes or sunburn that otherwise wouldn’t be present in a few days time. Any additional retouching will incur an additional fee.

Can I get the RAWs or files straight from the camera?

The short answer is no; I only provide full-service photography. I believe that there are three parts to the magic of photography: directing the photos on the day, framing and capturing the photos, and transforming those photos into the final product. This means that all files delivered will be the final, edited version, as I do not want to forgo such an important part of this process. Sorry, I do not provide discounts for giving unedited photos only.

How far in advance can I book you?

I take booking for up to 12 months in advance for couples, families and engagements; and up to 18 months in advance for weddings.

How long does it take for our photos to come back to us?

Photos for weddings take approximately 6-8 weeks to be delivered.


Bookings are now open for 2023 and 2024, message me today to secure your date.